Industry and Mining

Divers in Mexico have discovered the largest known underwater, flooded cave in the world. The discovery could reveal more about the pre-Hispanic, ancient community that existed in the region. The Yucatan peninsula, where the cave is located, still holds treasures from the ancient Mayan community. The cave is made of two massive underwater caverns that are connected. The […]

The short-term, highly specialized petroleum engineering specialist, with virtual credentials, is also referred to as the “Oil Production Engineering” guidelines for designing, analyzing and optimizing oil production systems. This period has been broken into four seasons and covers the full scope of oil production engineering. It also includes step-by-step refinement calculations and computer-based spreadsheet programs. […]

The administrative correspondence is one of the most important tools for achieving organizational goals. The official language of each organization that is evident in its administrative correspondence reflects the level of knowledge, expertise of the staff and managers of the organization. In the administrative organization, types of correspondence such as letters, circulars, the report, the […]

This job is in the field of finance and commerce. Issues related to obtaining a customer order regarding the items in question, presenting explanations on the materials in the merchandise. Encouraging the customer to purchase, issue the invoice and prepare the materials for delivery to the customer, layout of the goods in the merchandise, paying […]

This competence is related to the field of information technology. BI in Information Technology has the competence of working with business intelligence, working with data warehouses, business analysis and visualization of data, data mining, text mining and web mining, business management and implementation of neural networks for data mining. This competence is associated with jobs […]