Computer and IT

This job is in the field of finance and commerce. This job has duties such as: – Analyzing computer games – Providing the most up-to-date games – Communicating with the customer – Managing the store – Communicating clearly and constructively with government agencies. The job is related to jobs such as computer repairers (hardware) and […]

Photoshop means a photo workshop, a graphic processor developed by Adobe that is used to create, combine, edit, rebuild, or modify images of “photos.” You will learn in full and step by step with practical Photoshop projects from beginner to professional. The method of this course is multimedia and interactive and is suitable for those […]

Flash is a graphic and animation software that allows web developers to design low-capacity animations. With the help of flash, you can create your own web pages with animation and sound. Flash is built to create full-featured and high-speed multimedia devices, but there is no limit to the transferring its content. All animation built with […]