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NOBEL C.U company is a branch of the TOSEA DAHANDEGAN International Holding - TEDSA HOLDING in Georgia. and has obtained licenses for quality management systems consulting and training short courses from Iran.

NOBEL C.U: (Nobel Cert Universal .ltd) is officially registered in Tbilisi and the subject of the company’s activities is in the field of trade, commerce, training, ISO quality management systems, corporate evaluation and validation, import and export and construction, according to its parent company: Tedsa Holding.

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  • No.602, Alamara Tower, Shamsabadi Str, Esfahan, Iran

  • +98 936 300 4590

  • [email protected]

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Attention: For Iranian applicants who request to participate in short-term training courses or receive advice in the field of quality management systems, they must first register for the training and consulting services of Tedsa Holding in Iran. And after the success of the evaluation, the certificates received in Persian can be translated by the Georgian office into English or Georgian language.

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Company: Bella Vita Web – TCH Transporte

The company operates in the field of transportation in Germany and cooperates with Tedsa International Holding and NOBEL C.U Company in the field of international transportation standards.

  • Due to the Covid virus 19 and based on our main goals that is providing training and counseling virtually, until further notice, in-person and telephone referral is possible only by our main office in Iran.