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Executive MBA (EMBA) or Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration) is designed to develop effective executives for the management of socio-economic, productive, and service organizations. Graduates of this course will learn management knowledge and skills in an intensive and highly educated training course and will create effective managers that have important effect on increasing the […]

Coral reefs are critically important to the world but despite the ongoing efforts of scientists and campaigners, these stunningly beautiful ecosystems still face a variety of threats. The most pervasive is, of course, climate change, which is putting their very future in jeopardy. Climate change is a complex, worldwide problem that needs a global solution. One part of […]

Divers in Mexico have discovered the largest known underwater, flooded cave in the world. The discovery could reveal more about the pre-Hispanic, ancient community that existed in the region. The Yucatan peninsula, where the cave is located, still holds treasures from the ancient Mayan community. The cave is made of two massive underwater caverns that are connected. The […]