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Public relations are the management of communication between the organization and the audience. In other words, public relations are a managerial task for understanding the organization and the audience through information and accountability, and today, the effectiveness of the organization is not conceptualized by public relations without internal and external communication management. General activities include […]

What is MBA? Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an electronic training course, which increases your level of knowledge and information significantly in a compact way. Remember this course’s educators from the management level, in management pyramid are from senior managers and are considered MASTER and are known as designers and programmers of business system […]

Autodesk 3ds Max, formerly called 3D Studio Max, is a 3D graphic program for professional computers used to create animations, models, games, and 3D images. 3D Max software is the most popular and powerful 3D animation creation program. Students who want to take part in the 3DMax should have an imaginative power that can create […]

The second-level ICDL is one of the competencies of the IT field. Examples of things like hardware review, software reviews, network reviews, information technology and communication in everyday life, security reviews, law review, preliminary work with the operating system, file management, work with programs Utility, print management, observance of the initial work with the Internet, […]

Autocad is a software which is used for drawing industrial and engineering maps. This software is the product of the Autodesk American company. Autocad users have the possibility to use 2,3 dimensional setting. Unique possibilities which Autocad gives you caused to be considered as a software in the domestic, industrial, military and commercial. Undoubtedly, Autocad […]