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Executive MBA

Executive MBA (EMBA) or Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration) is designed to develop effective executives for the management of socio-economic, productive, and service organizations. Graduates of this course will learn management knowledge and skills in an intensive and highly educated training course and will create effective managers that have important effect on increasing the […]

Divers in Mexico have discovered the largest known underwater, flooded cave in the world. The discovery could reveal more about the pre-Hispanic, ancient community that existed in the region. The Yucatan peninsula, where the cave is located, still holds treasures from the ancient Mayan community. The cave is made of two massive underwater caverns that are connected. The […]

The principles of jurisprudence are knowledge that requires the rules for ijtihad and the inference of substitutional rulings in Islamic jurisprudence. The historical background of this knowledge returns after the demise of the Prophet (pbuh). The principles of Islamic jurisprudence are discussed in which the rules of the inference of religious ordinances are discussed. This […]

The short-term, highly specialized petroleum engineering specialist, with virtual credentials, is also referred to as the “Oil Production Engineering” guidelines for designing, analyzing and optimizing oil production systems. This period has been broken into four seasons and covers the full scope of oil production engineering. It also includes step-by-step refinement calculations and computer-based spreadsheet programs. […]