The principles of jurisprudence are knowledge that requires the rules for ijtihad and the inference of substitutional rulings in Islamic jurisprudence. The historical background of this knowledge returns after the demise of the Prophet (pbuh). The principles of Islamic jurisprudence are discussed in which the rules of the inference of religious ordinances are discussed. This knowledge is more or less like the relation between logic for philosophy, and at present, the most similar knowledge in the West is the knowledge of hermeneutics. A variety of principles have been proposed for jurisprudence, in which there is a controversy about them. The scholar Khorasani explains the principles of jurisprudence: “The principles of the jurisprudence of science are governed by the rules that have been provided for obtaining religious and subordinate judgments.” The owner of the shrine states that the principles of jurisprudence are known by virtue of rules which may be inferred from the judgment of the case to be used or to act in accordance with it. Some Sunniologists such as Abu Zohreh have defined the principles of jurisprudence as the science of understanding the rules that we use to understand jurisprudence. You will be acquainted with this science in a virtual curriculum. This training course is equal to 80 training hours.

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