What is MBA?

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an electronic training course, which increases your level of knowledge and information significantly in a compact way. Remember this course’s educators from the management level, in management pyramid are from senior managers and are considered MASTER and are known as designers and programmers of business system which are involved in.

MBA is Business management and Business is involving whole activities from production to selling and is happening repeatedly, while commercial is equal to the word “Commerce” which is just buying and selling. In fact, business involves the whole process of business not just the commercial part of it.  American universities introduced MBA some decades ago, which the goal of this course was training professional, multi-tasking managers with the high ability to confronting the crisis and companies and large and small enterprises’ strategic management. This course’s graduates had higher range of occupation and salary and benefits within 30 years in comparison with any other courses and this base is nearly true in all countries which have MBA graduates. MBA course or MA of professional management has almost 30 different orientations in various countries, but this course’s 4 main orientation which are nearly teaching in all universities are as follows:

  1. Marketing and sales management (Marketing)
  2. Finance management and credit institutions management (Finance)
  3. Production management and project and production systems (Operation)
  4. Human resource management (Human resource)

This training course is equal to 300 training hours.

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