In the realization of a quality management system, some organizations choose to rely on their own personnel but some use the services of external consultants. The selection of a consultant by an organization is important for ensuring that the resulting quality management system is capable of meeting the organization’s planned objectives in the most efficient and effective manner. Even when using the services of a quality management system consultant, the involvement and commitment of the organization’s top management are key factors for a quality
management system realization.This standard will be especially useful for SMEs who are or may consider implementing a QMS. It will also be of value to consulting organizations themselves.

This International Standard aims to provide guidance on the factors to be taken into consideration when selecting a quality management system consultant. It can be used by organizations in the selection of a quality management system consultant who is able to meet their specific needs, expectations and objectives in the realization of quality management system. It can additionally be used by: (a) quality management system consultants as guidelines to quality management
system consulting; and (b) consulting organizations for the selection of quality management system consultants.

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