Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a standard general-purpose modeling language for software engineering, developed by the Object Management Group. uml contains a number of graphical elements that form UML diagrams. The purpose of using different charts in UML is to provide a variety of views of the system. As civil engineers build a different plan for a building, we use UML charts to display different views of the software. The point to be sure is that: The UML model What Which describes a system to do, but does not say anything about how the system is implemented. In this course, introduces the UML modeling language and we will see how this language supports object-oriented concepts. In the course of programming language programming uml, the student, in addition to the UML diagrams, also gets acquainted with the concepts of object-oriented analysis and design. To create a distortion UML is a prerequisite for mastering object-oriented analysis and design. In essence, the students of this course are divided into two categories. UML Readers and the UML Writer are among the first to be able to read UML diagrams and extract information needed for tasks such as programming, etc. And the second is the ones who can create UML diagrams. This training course is equal to 60 training hours.

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