TV can be a telecommunication tool for sending and receiving motion pictures and sound from a distant space, and has been widespread in recent years with the advent of a very modern technology in terms of the imaging system, and despite the warranty of some TVs and the occurrence of problems due to the wear and tear of parts and the shortage of specialist technicians in the field of repairing our led, lcd, 3D TVs will host specialized training courses for all kinds of TVs.

Course Objective: Learning to repair computer screens (monitors) and color TVs

About the course: During this course, repairs of all types of monitors, LCDs, LEDs, plasma and 3D are carried out.

Labor Market Graduates Training Course on Monitor Repair (LED, CRT, LCD) TV (3 D, PlASMA):

Due to the wide sales of LCD and LED TVs, plasma, 3Ds in the market, and the poor quality of these products, and the lack of proper response to warranty repairs on LCD, monitor and TV, and due to the high rate of the letter of approval, there is a huge and extensive workforce for graduates of this training course to monitor LCD, LED and TV repairs.

Among the world’s leading TV and radio companies, such as Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, etc., have been mentioned. In the course of repairing monitors, LCDs and TVs, you can find ways to work and identify types of different monitor and television circuits and became familiar with all kinds of professional and expertise and market related to TV and monitor repairs.

This training course is equal to 98 training hours.

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