If management is likened to a tree that has various branches, such as industrial management, financial management, and so on, one of the new branches of this tree is urban management. The combination of management and city, the concept of organizing, planning, mobilizing resources and facilities, guidance and control within the city. The concept that in various countries, due to political structures and economic approaches, involves different institutions with different patterns. The choice of the type of urban management model reflects the attitude governing the regulation of council and municipality relations, and most importantly, it indicates the degree of participation and executive power. One of the important discourses in determining the superior management model is to determine how cities are managed and placed in the hands of city executives. On the other hand, the city administration model has a close relationship with solving or creating urban issues. Students in the course of urban management during their studies will become acquainted with various concepts in different fields, from urbanization to sociology and transportation. This training course is equal to 80 training hours.

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