Interpretation means the explanation of a thing that is understandable and thus refers to the descriptions that are written on the Qur’an. The first written and written commentary of the Qur’an is the interpretation of Muhammad b. Jarir Tabari. The literal meaning of the interpretation is the expression and the meaning of enlightenment and clarity. This term is out rooted from the term “fassar” means removing the cover and finding the purpose of the complex word, and in the term is the explanation and clarification of the ambiguity and the opening of verbal nodes and scrolls and the meaning of the Holy Qur’an. Allameh Tabatabai says: interpreting, clarifying the concepts of Quranic verses and unraveling their meaning and purpose. Interpretation is the expression of the meaning of the Quranic verses, the clarification and disclosure of the purposes and concepts of the verse. Therefore, the interpretation means the removal of the ambiguity and the inner and inner meaning of the words that at first glance, the verses of the Holy Quran, and to clarify the order of the Lord. “. Therefore, relying on the apparent meaning of verses is not interpreted.

One of the types of Qur’anic interpretation, which in the traditions, as well as among the past commentators, was in vain, is “subject-matter interpretation,” in which a certain issue is considered, and all the relevant verses are considered to be the subject of the Quran’s commentary. This method is especially urgent nowadays.

With the benefits and features of subject-matter interpretation, this can be seen as a reason to turn to this type of interpretation. Some of the important benefits of subject-matter interpretation are:

  1. To overcome the ambiguities that appear at first glance in some Qur’anic verses;
  2. Awareness of the conditions, characteristics, causes and outcomes of the various issues and issues in the Quran;
  3. Obtaining a comprehensive commentary on Quranic issues;
  4. Obtaining the secrets and messages of the Quran through the insertion of the verses into each other.

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