Executive MBA

Executive MBA (EMBA) or Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration) is designed to develop effective executives for the management of socio-economic, productive, and service organizations.

Graduates of this course will learn management knowledge and skills in an intensive and highly educated training course and will create effective managers that have important effect on increasing the efficiency and growth of socio-economic organizations. Because of these abilities, the MBA has grown exponentially throughout the world in the last three decades, and in the United States there are about 700 MBAs available.

In summary, the goal of this training period is to educate people who are capable of performing in the following areas:

1) Effective and efficient management and leadership of an organization or a specialized department such as manufacturing, marketing and sales, information and finance.

2) Providing advisory services and studies in the areas referred to managers of economic and social organizations.

3) Entrepreneurship by creating new activities within the organization or creating new organizations.

4) Educational and research activities in universities and research organizations, providing seminars and holding training courses in public and private organizations

This training course is equal to 80 training hours.

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