Civil law is the most important branch of private law, which deals with the examination and regulation of the relationships of individuals with each other, regardless of their title and social status. Civil rights in English are Civil Law and in France called Droit civil, which is called the Latin word for “jus civile” which was derived from the Roman Empire that governed the rights of the citizens of the Roman community, and was used against human rights, observing the general rules governing the relations between the Roman state with each other and with the citizens. In the middle ages, civil rights in European schools and universities mean Rome’s rights and Christian rights. In the aftermath of the Great French Revolution (1789), the term was used in the sense of private law (relations of individuals), and in contrast to public law (relations with the state) to the French civil law ended in 1804 and was officially named “Napoleon’s Code” in 1807. This is the law of civil law in the countries of the law of writing today, and most of the civil laws of the world are influenced by the “Napoleonic code”. [1] Gradually, with the changes that occurred in people’s lives, public interest required certain social relations to be special rules in this way, various branches of private law are all essentially a part of civil rights, but now they are split up. Civil law in the general sense includes all disciplines of private law (domestic and international) and in particular includes the following topics:

(A) Persons (name, residence, personal status, families, stonemasons, guardianship)

  1. B) Family (marriage, divorce, affiliation, alimony, custody, province)
  2. C) property (property, means of possession, contracts and obligations, inheritance, heba, will)

In addition, civil rights include, in particular, trade and maritime law, aviation, labor law, insurance, and land tenure.

This training course is equal to 70 training hours.

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