The electric system in the vehicles is started by turning the switch, and even in the engine’s shutdown mode it is used too much. It is impossible to imagine an internal combustion engine without an electric power system. Most of the minor defects and bugs that causes engine turn off or engine cannot be properly operated can be attributed to the incorrect operation of the spark system. The operating principles of the ignition circuit are as follows: the very low voltage (12 volts) with the help of Coil and Delco Platinum, at a given moment, is converted to a relatively large voltage and transmitted by the plug hammer and the Delco door to the cylindrical pile at the end of the compression stage. To be In this way, when the Delta plug openings are closed, the core of the coil is due to the flow of the battery from the coil of the magnet coil, and just at the moment when the Delta platinum openings are separated by a quadrilateral duct, using a capacitor (fuse Delco) an extraordinary amount of voltage is generated in the secondary winding of the coil, this high voltage is transferred to the central tower of the Delco door, and from there by the electric hammer and, respectively, the correct combustion into the cylinder of the engine located near the end of the stage of congestion (Each of the Delco door towers is called by a high voltage wire called the wires to one of the candles L, and also the main door to the Delco door is also connected by the Wire to the central tower of the coil).

This course will tell you everything about the car’s electric system. This training course is equal to 55 training hours.

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