Welding is one of the methods of production. Its purpose is to permanently connect engineering materials (metal, ceramic, polymer, composite) to each other, in such a way that the properties of bonding are similar to those of the base material.

Welding is the connection of two metal or non-metallic pieces to each other due to external factors such as heat and pressure, which today is considered as an advanced and effective science in the service of the industry which in the earlier times was considered as art. Historians have the first connection methods in the east to the Chinese and in the west to the ancient Romans. In the 3,000 BC, the Chinese learned to connect some metals and nonmetallic materials, and the Romans used solder, which is today used with little change in the new industry. This training course is equal to 80 training hours.

Types of welding are:

  • Electrical arc welding
  • Boiling point
  • Welding of colored metals
  • Soldering

. Welding in electricity and gas

  • Underwater welding and grinding
  • Types of modern welding in military industries
  • ¬†Plastic welding

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