Quail is a large group consisting of several genus of small birds of the phylum of the poultries. These birds are the most well-known species of poultry phylum. The quail has a small body and prefers life on the earth. They feed on seeds, as well as insects and other small creatures. They are nesting on the ground and are able to fly short and fast; some species, such as Japanese quail and normal quail, are migratory birds and have the ability to fly in long distances. In some countries, some quail species are raised in large numbers to be used for their eggs and meat, or even released at hunting grounds. This bird is widely hunted by humans to use its meat and feathers. Nurturing quail is one of the hundreds of designs that have been welcomed in the field of resistance economics. People who want to do this should have enough experiences. By participating in a quail nurturing training course, you will have the ability to grow quails thoroughly and comprehensively. This training course is equal to 60 training hours.

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