Today, it’s clear to anyone that the issues of international trade are complex and completely interrelated, as all countries have to constantly have interrelated connections and use the goods made from other countries or the raw materials of each other, because the extent of the dispersion of underground resources has caused all people in the world to be able to supply their social and consumer needs through exchanges with each other. Therefore, such exchanges without meaningful knowledge of international trade issues are meaningless. Because One of the prerequisites for foreign economic activity and trade understanding the rules and regulations governing that activity and recognizing the stages and practices of the organizations, systems and procedures, and since foreign trade, especially the stages of import and export in the current world, has a diverse, complex and competitive dimension. The lack of necessary information at various stages will have significant costs. This training will be effective in enhancing the skill of foreign purchasing, commerce, purchasing, procurement. In addition, this course is recommended for purchasing, business expert, commercial director. Students of business management, accounting, also can take part in this training course. This training course is equal to 80 training hours.

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