Effective and efficient use of time is an inevitable necessity for success in the field of work and life. Time management involves a set of skills to control and better use of time. This tutorial describes the concepts and principles of time management and provides techniques and tools for managing time in a living and working environment.

Time is an invisible asset. To plan in time according to the concept of value and the so-called “anticipation” of time, it is necessary to highlight the essential points such as eliminating the destructive factors of time, the division and separation of time, the targeting and prioritization of life, the organization of activities and life plans and determination to carry out the program.

It will indicate the suitable solutions. For detection of the destructive factors of time one should examine and study its own methods and behaviors and determine the problems.

If your occupation is so high, this course is offered to you. Because you can definitely manage your time more efficiently. This training course is equal to 40 training hours.

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