The forklift truck has a rig, tent, and attachments designed and constructed according to the type of activity for transporting, moving and storing loads in various shapes and capacities and use fossil fuels, gas or electricity based on the type of work or place. The type of operation in the forklift is based on the two weights balanced on one axle, which are perfectly facing each other and in the opposite direction, and in fact, the very principle governing the flip-flop in the lift truck is true. That is, by having a supporting point in the forklift truck of the same front wheel, the load placed on the tops is balanced by the weight of the forklift, and thus the load is transferred after the equilibrium by the moving force of the forklift motor. Tentacles are part of the car that loads on them. The power and energy of forklifts are powered by an electric motor or by internal combustion engines powered by diesel, gasoline or LPG fuels. You will be fully acquainted with the knowledge of the forklift training course with the forklift truck. This training course is equal to 60 training hours.

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