The financial management training course, as its name implies, means the effective use of financial resources to achieve specific goals. In other words, financial management means managing the finances of an organization (family, institution, country) through the management of revenues and expenses. Financial management involves how to raise capital (financing), and how it is allocated (for example, capital budgeting). This is not limited to long-term resource planning, but also to short-term resources such as current assets. It is also related to the distribution of shares of shareholders. In this training course, scholars will be familiarized with the new theories of financial management and their application, and will eventually be able to take effective steps to solve the country’s economic problems by providing suitable solutions for expansion of investment. Graduates of financial management, in addition to being able to analyze and actively participate in financial markets, can assess the financial position of companies and institutions and play an essential role in obtaining effective financial decisions in organizations. This training course is equal to 90 training hours.

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