Because apart from making the right place for the coffee shop, the decor is also very important, which will cost you money. Coffee shops differ greatly from other businesses. For a coffee shop, you cannot advertise home to home. The customer needs to go to the cafe and take a good sense of it to come back again. A coffee shop should have a customer service every day. But those who cannot afford the coffee shop will not have to worry. Because you can go through a cafe art training course and get a job with a moderate upward income. Because the right salary starts from beginning to advanced, it increases depending on how professional and skilled you are.

Position: work in coffee shops, manage private Coffee Shop and coffee shops inside hotels, coffee accessories, coffee shops of hair salons and beauty for women, coffee shops of gyms for ladies and gentlemen, coffee shop of private valid companies, international Coffee shops, and international branded stores

Recommendations: Being happy and having a hospitality spirit and interest in the activities and services of the service is a factor for success.

This training course is equal to 98 training hours.

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