Human being is the intellectual being. He is the only one who has the ability to teach consciously and by virtue of his belief in the meta-cognition principle (which learning is desirable in his own right), is to increase awareness and self-knowledge. Since the advent of mankind so far, methods and techniques in education and learning have been routinely and continuously changing. In different eras, humans used various tools to ease the learning and transfer of concepts such as listening, seeing, questioning and learning how to learn, and on this basis, an appropriate teaching method is chosen. There are numerous teaching methods, each of which has a detailed and long description, each of the educational methods alone has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is often recommended that a set of teaching and learning methods be used to enhance effectiveness and efficiency. The teaching methodology is a “methodological” discipline, which is mostly applied and based on the creativity and innovation of the processor, but in the course of teaching methods and teaching techniques are introduced to improve the teaching, which is the result of the experiences of successful instructors and is consistent with general scientific and rational laws. This training course is equal to 40 training hours.

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