With the advent of the Islamic Revolution, a new form of government emerged in the world that did not have the ability to adopt with an arrogant power pole and fought with arrogance. The emergence of such a regime in the Middle East region, which is very important from an economic and geopolitical point of view, has led the world’s arrogant system to struggle with the revolution with all its power. In recent years, with the intensification of unilateral and inhuman sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran with the intent of halting Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, the new term “resistance economy” has added to the country’s economic literature, and regarding this topic, we are discussing our countries economic situation. This word was first introduced in the meeting of entrepreneurs with the presence of the Supreme Leader in September, 2010. In this session, the Supreme Leader introduced the “resistance economy” as a concept of entrepreneurship and introduced it for two reasons the “economic pressure of enemies” and “country’s readiness for a development” for the basic needs of the country for entrepreneurship. For the concept of resistance economy in this short time, different definitions have been presented that point out each aspect of this topic. Meanwhile, Mr. Khamenehei provided a comprehensive definition of resistance economy as the leader of the revolution. In a meeting with students, he said: “The resistance economy, is that kind of economy which is in a state of stress, under conditions of sanctions, in conditions of hostility, can determine the country’s growth and prosperity.” The Supreme Leader, announcing the general policies of the Resistance economy “emphasized that a resilient economy could provide an inspirational model of the economic system of Islam and provide the opportunity for the role of the people and economic activists to realize economic sentiment. The educational course of the resistance economy, which includes the wise statements of the Supreme Leader and the experts on resistance are knowledge of science It will be given to you. This training course is equal to 98 training hours.

Note: The course has 5 minutes of audio instruction.

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