The clerk or personal assistant means the creator and the inventor. The secretary is told to be hired by a person or organization, and is responsible for tasks such as arranging the daily schedule, the ability to set up meetings, writing letters, setting up various types of reports from various activities, working with computers and the internet, and typing English letters and English texts. The secretary has a lot of administrative duties. These are the traditional and old tasks of a secretary, and today the secretary is responsible for other duties such as budget management and accounting, maintenance and processing of the website, planning and preparation of travel arrangements, etc. The purpose of A professional secretary training course is to prepare people for work as agents in the office and business environment. Participants in this course will be familiarized with the principles and techniques of public relations, and will also be familiar with office machines, computers and the Internet environment. Keep in mind that today all offices need a secretary. If you are also planning to enroll in a healthy and professional environment, enroll in a post-graduate course. This training course is required for all companies, employees of government agencies, schools, colleges, banks, offices, hospitals, travel agencies, secretariats, and more. This training course is equal to 40 training hours.

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