International law is a branch of the science of law, which includes the rules governing the relations of individuals, organizations and governments that have at least one foreign and international element. Law of science is divided into two main branches of public law and private law in its fundamental division in terms of subject matter. Private international law examines the legal rules governing the relations of private individuals in the international arena. International law provisions state that, in the event of differences in the laws of different legal systems in an international context, which law must be enforced, henceforth, in the English-speaking countries and following the law of “common law”, the term conflict of laws is usually referred to this branch of law. The division of the geography of individuals, the legal status of aliens and the issue of conflict (such as conflict of laws) are the three main issues of international law. The term International Private Law was first used by Joseph Story in 1834 and then by other writers. You will be acquainted with this science virtual private international law course. This training course is equal to 60 training hours.

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