Photographing in the word means the photographic method and the photographer’s job and practice. This art is called photography in most languages ​​of the world, which is a combination of two Greek words, “photo” means “light” and “graph” means writing or recording. Photograph, therefore, means to play with the light. The photography has three aspects which are science, and art; it was born as a scientific phenomenon, expanded into an industry and became established as art. Photography was not discovered by an individual, it is the result of many people’s efforts in various fields and their discoveries throughout history. For many years before the invention of photography, there was a basis for the work of a photographic camera. Like other arts and sciences, photography also needs its own tools and equipment. Some tools have an essential role in creating the photo, and the lack of them makes the imaging process impossible, and others help the photographer to capture a better image in addition to speed and time saving.

The training of photographers is the main goal of the course. In the course of photography, it is taught that the general principles of work in this field are both theoretically and practical, and the learner learns how to work with the relevant software and tools in order to record the desirable work. This training course is equal to 98 training hours.

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