All animals kept as home companions are considered as pets. Pets can be categorized in two groups of traditional pets (including dogs, cats, ornamental birds and aquarium fish) and exotic pets (including rabbits, hamster, turtles, iguana, snake varieties, mice, monkeys, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, casco, squirrels …). Exotic pets are in fact wild or laboratory animals that are kept at home for an appealing or sometimes different appearance. This training course includes: content related to the introduction of races, the teaching of the principles of education and maintenance of animals, the ability to diagnose diseases in a variety of pets and prevent diseases, teach first aid principles and health and cosmetics measures for a variety of pets, as well as training how to use animals microchip and more. Accordingly, context of the animal maintenance expert training course has been permanently collected for all pets related to animals (especially pet owners), and students can, after attending this course, increase their level of knowledge and skills in the fields of hygiene, maintenance, breeding, and … pets, and in addition to acquiring the skills required in the fields, receive a formal certificate of attendance at this course. This training course is equal to 60 training hours.

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