If there is a long time between the arrival of your guest and your main dinner, be sure to use a meal. Appetizer is a small meal served before the main course of the meal, called snack, starter, antipasti, hors doeuvres. The classification of food is from very simple to very special, depending on the location, the serving time, and the amount of time it takes to prepare it. Along with a drink, Ordour is usually served for the same type of dish. Many people plan to order it as a whole meal, but in fact, it is a small snack, and it aims to get you hungry. It cannot be too large, because it does not have any desire to eat the main food. A good appetizer is designed in such a way that, in spite of the fact that your hunger does not go away, you will be able to eat the main meal and your craving for eating more. In the training course, you will learn how to prepare the most delicious appetizers. This training course is equal to 50 training hours.

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