We all kindly associate with others when we talk using our body language or when we even sit silently and sit in a corner. This communication is not spoken or written, but by eye, hand, foot, face, tune, etc. The non-verbal communication is all messages that people exchange besides the word itself. Walking, standing, gestures, face and eyes, tone of voice, wearing dresses … All are signs of non-verbal communication.

Types of non-verbal communication:

Nonverbal communication is divided into voluntary and involuntary categories:

Voluntarily: Some people respect others by putting their palms on their chests and bowing a little. This is a voluntary act that a person sends a message on the basis of a contract that affects his or her community.

Involuntary: You may start talking to someone and see that his or her face color is gradually becoming red. You get a message from this blush of your face. But here the sender of this message sends his or her message involuntarily. This training course is equal to 50 training hours.

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