If you are dreaming of an election, we will offer you a training course on new marketing and advertising techniques for election to make your dream a reality by learning it. To be an electoral candidate is always attractive to anyone, but you need to be in a position to learn all the prerequisites for public opinion, either as an electoral candidate in the country or as a candidate in a company and organization for your favorite post.

Regarding the advancement of technology and the creation of platforms for cyber culture, an electorate should be able to use this tool in an efficient and according to law. In this training course, you will also be familiar with the guidelines for campaign in cyberspace. The purpose of the compilation and the announcement of the campaigning in cyberspace is to take advantage of cyberspace opportunities to create electoral passion, increase people participation in elections, counteract destruction and repression of candidates, harmonize the use of cyberspace, and expedite electoral laws and regulations in portable sections. This training course is equal to 40 training hours.

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