The increasing development of computer networks and their use in offices and institutions, and even their entry into homes, has made it necessary to familiarize individuals, especially computer enthusiasts, with the concepts of computer networks and the basics related to this issue. In this regard, training Network + as one of the best scientific evidences of the network can provide scholars with the scientific and practical principles of the day’s needs. The NETWORK course is also a prerequisite for Microsoft and Cisco courses and provides a broad perspective on these courses. Due to the increasing expansion of network and Internet systems, the need to train specialists for the design and management of computer network systems is recognized. It feels like most people who start learning the course in Networks only have one goal. To learn basic network concepts. In fact, this course is an introduction to the beginning of their work, and therefore, due to the large volume of content, they are in most cases in difficulty. In this virtual course, we try to provide an overview of the network to the audience. The Network Plus course is an introductory course in which most scholars have tried to get acquainted with the core concepts of the network at first. This training course is equal to 50 training hours.

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