Matlab (MATLAB) is a software environment for numerical computing and a fourth-generation programming language. The word MATLAB means both the digital computing environment and also its own programming language, which is composed of two morpheme MATRIX (matrix) and laboratory (lab). This name implies a matrix-oriented approach to this program, in which even single numbers are considered as matrices. This program is a powerful software application for students and researchers in mathematics and engineering, which its first version that was established at the University of New Mexico and Stanford in 1970 was to solve problems of matrix theory, linear algebra and numerical analysis, and nowadays hundreds of thousands of academic, industrial and … in a wide variety of engineering areas such as advanced mathematics, linear algebra, telecommunications, system engineering, etc. MATLAB is known as one of the first computational and technical environments that can solve their problems. MATLAB is now an effective system and the programming language of many scientific and engineering calculations. This training course is equal to 60 training hours.

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