We live in a world that is undergoing rapid and inevitable changes due to globalization. In this world, the economy has moved towards a knowledge-based economy, and has challenged many of the countries’ current equations, which this issue itself is the result of information technology. Today’s organizations put more importance on understanding, adapting, and managing environmental changes, and outperformed in the acquisition and use of up-to-date knowledge and information in order to improving operations, and providing better services and products to their clients. Such organizations need a new style of management called ” Knowledge Management “. Some organizations believe that knowledge can be managed by focusing exclusively on people, technology, and techniques.

The teaching and learning organizations are the same in this issue which each individual or group must constantly acquire new knowledge and skills. Teaching organizations continuously improve themselves by effectively developing leadership skills in their employees. Experienced leaders put education at the forefront and are eager to learn and teach. Employees are more eager to look for market changes and find new answers for them in an environment where the search for new knowledge and insights is an acceptable norm. The task of leaders in teaching organizations is to take human capital and create added value for it, and this can only be done by teaching. This training course is equal to 50 training hours.

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