ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a guide for IT managers to manage and optimize IT infrastructure in their organization. The ITIL allows managers to ensure the level of service provided in the organization and to provide the required infrastructure in accordance with a predetermined schedule. Since the late 1980s, ITIL has become the world’s most informal global service management platform. This standard was originally presented as a guide to the UK government and eventually concluded that organizations can use this framework in all their sectors, as all IT service providers provide it as a basis for advice, training and software support have been accepted. Today, ITIL is well known and global. The ITIL management training course or IT reference framework is a set of best practices and guidelines and defines a process-based approach to IT service management. Learning, aligning, and implementing ITIL can easily be organized and implemented according to the needs of organizations. This training course is equal to 30 training hours.

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