International relations course is the study of relations between countries, the role of independent states, intergovernmental organizations, international NGOs, NGOs and multinational corporations. International relations course is a university that analyzes and regulates the foreign policy of a given state, can be normative and positive. International relations began as a political activity from the time of the Greek historian, Tucaudid, and at the beginning of the twentieth century, into a distinct university campus within the political science. Nonetheless, international scientific relations are interdisciplinary.

The degree in International Relations, as well as political science, incorporates its intellectual resources from engineering, economics, history and international law, philosophy, geography, sociology, anthropology and criminology, psychology and gender studies, cultural studies. The goal of international relations is to understand issues such as globalization, the independent state, and international security, environmental sustainability, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, nationalism, global economic and financial development, terrorism and organized crime, human security, foreign

intervention and human rights. This training course is equal to 50 training hours.

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