Insurance is one of the indicators of development in advanced countries, because any investor who wants to invest in a country should be sure that his capital will be immune in the event of any incident or threat. Therefore, in advanced countries, insurance management is known as an insurance industry. This means that, as the industry evolves, insurance will also be developed, and they also believe that no one can enter the industry, unless must be an expert and graduate of this industry. With the development of human societies and with the advancement of civilization and new technologies, the level of human involvement has increased with different risks. One of the most important ways to deal with risk is to transfer it to the insurance company. The insurance company, after assessing the risk, receives a premium from the insurer and, in accordance with the insurance contract, compensates for the damage, such as a fire, and pays the insurer. So the insurance provides comfort and security to people and helps them when they are encounter problems. The purpose of the insurance management training course is to be familiar with the basic duties of business and insurance organizations and to increase the knowledge and ability of recognizing the changing social, economic, technological and political conditions and circumstances of the country and the world’s insurance environment and the implementation of the organization’s plans with new conditions. This training course is equal to 80 training hours.

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