Drawing is considered as one of the most important components of the industry, although it is not correct to say how large a plot of design and construction is planned in all areas, but can be said that the map, is a live, clear, and vibrant language which is in charge of the heavy burden of transmitting the thoughts of millions of designers and thinkers to builders and manufacturers in a variety of fields, such as mechanics, buildings, electricity, electronics, etc. A language without which industry and art do not grow and the technique is not transmitted. What a lot of old-fashioned and experienced craftsmen who took their tens of years with the lack of the language of the map, the knowledge and technology they acquired, and how many people with the designs and ideas in their head that were not familiar with the map that never came into action. One can correctly say that one of the signs of industrial flourishing in each country is the size of their annual drawings. If you take into account the accumulated maps for a fundamental change in the car’s system, which is more than 10 meters, you will notice the correctness of the speech. Thousands of skyscrapers and more than millions of leafs of maps are needed to build an ironmongery plant. Of course, despite this, with the existence of the industrial software the need for drawing lots of maps on the papers is decreased. So for a growing industrialized country, a training course on industrial drawing is a necessity. ¬†This training course is equal to 98 training hours.

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