Any unprotected action that reduces the vulnerability of the manpower, buildings, facilities, equipment, documents, and arteries of the country to enemy hostile and destructive operations is considered as inactive defense.

In simple terms, passive defense is a set of actions that will be taken to minimize potential damage in the event of a war.

The purpose of implementing ineffective defense plans is to reduce the vulnerability of manpower and vital and critical equipment of the country despite the hostile and destructive attacks of the enemy and the continuation of infrastructure activities and services, and to meet the vital needs and continuity of the country’s administration in the context of the crisis caused by the war. Inactive defense is a kind of civil defense and refers to a set of actions that do not require the use of weapons, and it can be used to prevent financial damage to vital and critical civilian and military facilities and human losses, or the amount of these damages, and Reduced casualties to the minimum. This training course is equal to 30 training hours.

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