Filming is the most important stage in film production. This stage deals in particular with the most important tools and means of filmmaking, namely, the camera and its accessories, types of spotlights, etc. In the early years of cinema history, the camcorder was just a tool that made the human vision, the realization of real images on the screen, which came to reality. With the camera, it was possible to capture everything that could be seen with the eye, and then it was seen on the screen, as if these images were on the screen, and that was enough for the audience at that time. There have been many advances in this area in recent years. The camcorder consists of special components, each of which has a variety of types and items, such as film, lens, and similar accessories. Also, despite the numerous companies and factories that manufacture these products, they have to pay enough attention to the purchase of its type, considering the elegance and sensitivity of the tool. In the course of filming, you will be familiar with the principles of filming and the components of camcorders.

This training course is equal to 98 training hours.

Note: The course has a training aid of 338 minutes DVD.

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