The right way to sit, walk, work with computers and all kinds of sports and exercises that can be done at work is one of the training courses that will be taught in this course.

Ergonomic knowledge or human factors, although not long ago, has been growing in many countries around the world. In general, this knowledge is intended to optimize the interaction of the environment and everything that surrounds human beings. This knowledge tries to improve the quality and efficiency of this interaction, so that it is accompanied by comfort and convenience. By increasing the quality and efficiency of doing things and occupations, it can be ergonomics in many areas such as agriculture, health and treatment, various military industries, and so on, related to the concept of economy, both at micro or macro level.

Purpose of the course:

Expression of necessity and familiarity with ergonomics and how it is applied.

course content:

Knowledge of Ergonomic Knowledge and Engineering of Human Factors

Understanding the dimensions and levels of ergonomic knowledge

The need to recognize and apply ergonomics in all aspects of industry and services in the country

The gravity of the organization’s need for ergonomics and ergonomic relationship with productivity and quality in the organization’s product and services

Familiarity with the fields of application of ergonomic knowledge

This training course is equal to 35 training hours.

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