The A + certification indicates a general knowledge about hardware in the person who owns this document and he is known as a computer hardware technician. CompTIA recommends a minimum of 500 hours of prior knowledge and experience with PC hardware to attend the graduation courses. The highlights of this course and its related evidence are that many of the reputable PC manufacturers are advising their users and those who intend to work in areas such as computer assembling.

While in this period there is no specific item that is specific to a particular field, only parts of a computer are technically examined. In addition to these, how to install the operating system, configuring, configuring hardware, and preparing a computer device to connect to the network is one of the experiences that an A + qualifier should have. Currently more than 100 manufacturing or educational companies have introduced A + as a prerequisite for their work or acquisition of their documents, and credible companies such as Microsoft, HP, Cisco, IBM and many others on their site from this document. They are referred to as a basic proof of a computer’s technical affairs. This training course is equal to 70 training hours.

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