Cabinets are shelves or commodes that are sometimes used in bathrooms and often in the kitchen for storing food, cooking utensils and containers. Cabinets in modern kitchens often occupy more space between the refrigerator, stove and sink, but in the bathrooms, the cabinets are usually used differently, just above the toilet, and to hold the towel, the drug or the hygiene products. The design of the cabinets takes into account the variety of kitchens in terms of design (shape, line, peninsula and islet, etc.). In the course of designing and manufacturing your cabinet, you will learn how to design a kitchen and bathroom with Kitchendraw’s tutorials after familiarizing with the principles of the cabinet. Then you learn the partitioning method with the CutMaster software. In the course of this tutorial, the process of installation and implementation will be taught to you in a comprehensive and professional way. This training course is equal to 98 training hours.

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