Android (from Greek: Mean Man, Human, Pseudo Adam or Robot (Iron Man)) is an accompanying operating system that Google offers for smartphones and tablets, and now for televisions, and with the help of dozens of companies is based on Android-based devices. The Android is based on the Linux kernel and is most used among mobile platforms. Android sideboards are written using Java language and can be used to communicate with the underlying layers of the operating system from Java libraries which use Android. The Android operating system interface is written in Java, and many Android apps are written with Java.

The Android programming curriculum includes basic app development concepts for the Android open source operating system, including the structure of an Android project, how to build a virtual machine, familiarity with a variety of layouts, preparing an Eclipse programming environment, understanding the measurement units in Android operating system, and so forth. As far as possible, we have tried to teach the design concepts of the Android operating system in the form of small and usable projects in order to understand the concepts taught to users of the course. This training course is equal to 90 training hours.

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