From the old and early stages, humans need to trade and gain, because a person alone cannot supply his own needs. From the very ancient times and prehistoric times that man needed to buy things, they exchanged their cargoes. For example, a farmer would exchange his product with someone who weaved cloth. As little as human growth and development, this need has intensified and made money the means of trading. Therefore, this business is not a new business, and since ancient times it has been necessary for human life and an integral part of human life. In general, trade law includes a series of laws and regulations that: trade in and trade transactions, such as the purchase and sale of goods, brokerage, and operating and owned to transport by sea, land, air, insurance and brokerage and warehousing and banking, capital and profits and commercial offices, and public and private joint stock companies with limited and assured responsibilities, relative and complex, and cooperative production and distribution. And the use and types of shares and company assemblies and how they are established and how they are managed and the duties of the manager, they and their inspectors discuss and also commercial documents such as check, promissory notes, bill of sales, sales invoices and contracts, and liability and penalties and bankruptcy of commercial and commercial companies and how to clean up property and assets of a bankrupt businessman and the duties of refiners and the Department of Refinancing and Arrangement, and the termination of bankruptcy are another part of the discussion. In the course of your business law training course, you will get acquainted with this science virtually. This training course is equal to 65 training hours.

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