The Barista is a word which derived from the Italian language is in its singular mode, but in barista mode which is plural form of it, is used for men and (bariste) for women, meaning a male or female barista. Barista basically works behind a table, and there are two types of hot and cold drinks that the Italian word which is for those who only make coffee is not used in the United States, because Barista in the United States is only for those who are specialized in making coffee. The term Barista in English refers to someone whose Beverages are based on professional espresso and this professionalism includes specializing in the preparation of types and comprehensive information in the field of coffee, coffee milling, chemistry, identification of types of coffee, coffee boiling and its degree, equipment, and maintenance and repair of them and performing art of milk and coffee (latte art) and so on. When we look away, we might think that being Barristat is easy, but not. Barristá needs to be highly skilled in training which they will learn from Barísti. This training course is equal to 30 training hours.

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