Architectural photography is a branch of photography that takes photographs of architectural and building works. Interior and exterior photos of the building are needed by architects, real estate agencies, environmentalists, historians, social groups and the like. Architectural, such as landscapes, idle nature and other non-human subjects, used by some photographers to express their personal opinions. For architectural photography, the two angles of view and the type of lens are important, because the architectures are usually large and the photographer cannot get enough distance; therefore, it is necessary that the viewing angle of the lens is high, that is, the focal length is low to the photographer can accommodate all buildings.

Architectural photography provides a way for learners to learn how to get high-quality images from inside and outside buildings. Step-by-step tutorials help you learn how to choose the right type of camera, use it effectively, and develop and manipulate your images. This training course is equal to 80 training hours.

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